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Phases of the project

The partnering schools in both counties, School of Building and Crafts of Čakovec and

Zsigmondy Vilmos és Széchenyi István Szakképzo of Nagykanizsa, namely their students and teachers, will simultaneously do research for the purpose of determining the sites for which it is valuable to organize numerous activities (ranging from surveying to documenting). Each side will detaily fulfill all activities sorted in phases of the project implementation until the uploading the result  to the portal (LMS); Moreover, upon the completion of the project implementation, similar activities are to go on at new sites in the course of years to come.

The whole strategy can be systematically presented as the implementation of the following phases:



Gathering of the relevant data

1.1 Activity:

Defining of site, natural factors, proprietary status, measuring and surveying of object (with distance meter, total station and GPS handheld device).

This phase includes the following works as well:

- gathering numerical and digital data for the purpose of conversion into CAD software drawing and technical documentation

- the above mentioned relates to objects for which there is no written or drawn documents to prove their existence, especially to objects who are in a danger of a direct deterioration.

Work description:

A data registry is to be set up that is to define the etiology of the traditional building phenomenon. The data to constitute the registry will be obtained from the following sources: Cultural and natural heritage preserving conservating service, the description of phenomena such as the climate conditions, soil, hydro regime, construction features of functionality and the choice of material.


This phase includes the following works as well:

- surveying of the physical properties of the objects at the site with total station and GPS device

- drawing and converting the drawings into CAD software

- defining the historical and proprietary origin of the object

1.2 Activity:

Drawing and copying the drawings for objects for which some documentation does exist but not in the digital form

Work description:

Appointments at conserving and museum services aimed at finding reliable documents for the buildings featuring the architectural heritage qualities, especially for ones that contribute to the ambiental values in the close vicinity (or wider area) of the place they were built. the missing data and annotations are to be gathered by means of scanning and performing measurements at the site.



Converting the relevant data gathered in Phase I, making the technical documentation and necessary explanations in the digital form.

2.1 Activity:

Converting the numerical data into digital data via CAD software, adding necessary marks and annotations.

Work description:

Education on the conversion of the gathered data into digital data via CAD software. Drawing the objects in CAD software with necessary annotations and dimensions

2.2 Activity:

Compiling the necessary drawings into documents that will represent the whole documentation for each of the objects

This phase includes the following works as well:

- preparing the final digital version of documentation appropriate for upload to digital archives

Work description:

Formatting the drawings and scale at the A3 paper format and attaching the technical annotations, introductory notes and the protection measures suggested by research having been done.

Implementing the education programme for teachers and students as to uploading the documentation that is prepaired in the above mentioned way; explaining the way in which any user can use the archives (under the supervision of administrator).



Publishing the manual-catalogue that is to illustrate and fully present the cultural and architectural values of the objects whose documentation has been archived and a part of which will be converted into the format appropriate for printing. Informing the wide public on the project results via promotive activities and exhibitions.

3.1 Activity:

Writing texts and editing the selected technical documentation parts and photographs that in a special way illustrate the work on research and documenting for each particular object.

This phase includes the following works as well:

- the panels at exhibitions should display both sketches made during research and final documentation

Work description

Simultaneously with data gathering and later on while the technical documentation is being made in the digital form, it is necessary for some parts of texts to be revised in terms of scientific and professional technical terms; Proofreading and editing are also to be done.

3.2 Activity:

Preparing the materials in terms of prepress as well as graphic preparations for printing posters for exhibition panels.

Work description

The selection of text and illustrative elements (drawings, photographs) should be performed in accordance with the physical format of the posters via which – with the distribution of the posters adjusted to the exhibiting rooms- the results of research and documenting work on cherishing and keeping the traditional architecture heritage will be presented to the wide public.



This phase comprises of all the organizational works, the works in line and supporting the activities in Phases I-III as well as the following work:

To su svi organizacijski poslovi, poslovi u funkciji ovih triju faza zatim poslovi kao što su :

- project administration and submitting periodic reports on project implementation progress

- meetings of work groups and partner teams' members for the purpose of coordinating the implementation of the project

- updating the WEB page of the project and contacting CARNet

- contacting the supervisors from the Ministry of Regional Development and Forest and Water Management

- preparatory works and workshops in the field

- creating the visual elements and identity of the project

- cooperation with partners and assembling documents

- supervising and performing the practical part of the renewal of carpentry and masonry construction of the roof frame and thatchering.


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